Islamic Centers of Modesto and Manteca Presents

A Recipe to: Save Yourselves From The Hellfire

May 15th-17th, 2009


Br. Abu Mujaahid Fareed Abdullah

Br. Abu az-Zubayr Shadeed Muhammad

Br. Abu Muhammad al-Maghribi


Islamic Center of Modesto

1445 Carpenter Road Modesto, CA 95351 209-576-8149

For More Information Contact:

Br. Abu Ubaydah (Ahmad) 209-818-4861

Br. Abu Yasmeen (Yazeed) 209-679-6311

Please RSVP With the exact Number of Brother and Sisters attending in your group by May 7th @

Nearby Housing Options:

Comfort Inn Of Modesto

2025 Orangeburg Avenue

Modesto, CA 95350 209-544-2000

Special Rate Rooms of $63-$68 Per Night Book your room under : ICM

Brothers and Sisters Welcome Baby Sitting Available at No Charge Lunch and Dinner Available at No Charge (InshaAllaah)

If you want to be a Vendor, Please Contact Us ASAP!

Single Brothers may stay overnight in the Masjid but will have to place their belongings in their cars in the morning and must adhere to Masjid etiquettes and manners at all times

Any Donations to help cover the expenses of the conference would be much appreciated!

(Donations will be accepted at the conference) Jaazakum Allaahu Khair


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