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Is Salafiyyah a hizb (Party) from amongst parties?

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Shaikh Saalih al-Fawzaan was asked. “Is Salafiyyah a hizb (party) from amongst the parties. And is ascribing to them (i.e. the Salafis) a blameworthy thing?”

To which he replied, “As-Salafiyyah (i.e. the Salafis) is the Saved Sect, and they are Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah. It is not a hizb (party) from amongst the various parties, those which are called “parties” today. Rather they are the Jama’ah, the Jama’ah upon the Sunnah and upon the Deen (religion). They are Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah. The Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “There will not cease to be a group from my Ummah manifest and upon the truth not being harmed by those who forsake them neither by those who oppose them” and he (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) also said. “And this Ummah will split into 73 sects, all of them in the Hell-Fire but one.” They said, “which one is this O Messenger of Allah?” He replied, “They are those who are upon what I and my companions are upon today”. Hence Salafiyyah is a group of people (i.e. the Salafis) upon the madh-hab of the Salaf, upon what the Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) and his companions were upon and it is not a hizb from amongst the contemporary groups present today. Rather it is the very old Jamaa’ah, from the time of the Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) which inherits (this way) and continues, and which never ceases to be upon the manifest truth until the establishment of the Hour, as he (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) has informed (us).” (Cassette: “at-Tahdheer min al-Bid’ah” second cassette, delivered as a lecture in Hawtah Sadeer, 1416)

Shaikh Saalih Aal ash-Shaikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia, stated, “Muslims are of two groups: Salafis and Khalafis. As for the Salafis, then they are the followers of the Salaf us-Saalih (first three generations of Muslims). And as for the Khalafis, then they are the followers of the understanding of the Khalaf and they are also called Innovators—since everyone who is not pleased and satisfied with the path of the Salaf us-Saalih, on knowledge and action, understanding and fiqh, then he is a khalafi, an innovator.” (Haadhihi Mafaaheemunaa, Chapter on Ascription to Salaf and Salafiyyah).

In the verdict of the Permanent Committee, No. 1361 (1/165) there occurs, “Salafiyyah is an ascription to the Salaf, and the Salaf are the Companions of Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) and the Imaams of Guidance from the first three generations (may Allah be pleased with them), those whose goodness has been testified to by Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), “The best of people are my generation, then those who follow after them, then those who follow after them, then there will come a people whose testimony will precede their oath and their oath will precede their testimony.” Reported by Imaam Ahmad in his Musnad and also by al-Bukhaari and Muslim. And “the Salafis” (Salafiyyoon) is the plural of “Salafi”, which is an ascription to the Salaf, and its meaning has already preceded. And they are the ones who traverse upon the minhaaj of the Salaf, from amongst the followers of the Book and Sunnah, those who call to them both, and to acting upon them, as a result of which they are from Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah.”

Stated ‘Abdul-Azeez bin Abdur-Rahman Aal as-Sa’ood, “Indeed I am Salafi, my aqeedah is Salafiyyah, by whose requirements I traverse upon the Book and the Sunnah.” (Stated during Hajj of 1965, ‘Al-Mushaf was-Sayf” p. 135)

Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen states: “Who are the Ahl ul-Athar? They are the ones who follow the aathaar (narrations), they follow the Book and the Sunnah and the sayings of the Companions (radyallahu anhum). And this does not befit any group (firqah) amongst the sects except the Salafiyyeen, those who adhere to the path of the Salaf…” which occurs on the first tape of his explanation of “Al-Aqeedat as-Safaareeniyyah.”

Likewise the Noble Shaikh stated in Sharh ul-Aqeedat ul-Waasitiyyah (1/53-54), “…There is no doubt, however, that one of them is truly Ahl us-Sunnah—but which one? Is it the Ash’arees, the Maatureedees or the Salafis? Whichever of them agrees with the Sunnah is considered to be Ahl us-Sunnah, while whichever of them opposes is not. So we say: The Salaf are Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah, and this description cannot be true for anyone else besides them… Rather Ahl us-Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah are the Salaf in terms of belief, until even a person coming in the later times until the Day of Judgment, if he is upon the path that the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) and his Companions were upon, then he is a Salafee.”


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Islamic Centers of Modesto and Manteca Presents

A Recipe to: Save Yourselves From The Hellfire

May 15th-17th, 2009


Br. Abu Mujaahid Fareed Abdullah

Br. Abu az-Zubayr Shadeed Muhammad

Br. Abu Muhammad al-Maghribi


Islamic Center of Modesto

1445 Carpenter Road Modesto, CA 95351 209-576-8149

For More Information Contact:

Br. Abu Ubaydah (Ahmad) 209-818-4861

Br. Abu Yasmeen (Yazeed) 209-679-6311

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Modesto, CA 95350 209-544-2000

Special Rate Rooms of $63-$68 Per Night Book your room under : ICM

Brothers and Sisters Welcome Baby Sitting Available at No Charge Lunch and Dinner Available at No Charge (InshaAllaah)

If you want to be a Vendor, Please Contact Us ASAP!

Single Brothers may stay overnight in the Masjid but will have to place their belongings in their cars in the morning and must adhere to Masjid etiquettes and manners at all times

Any Donations to help cover the expenses of the conference would be much appreciated!

(Donations will be accepted at the conference) Jaazakum Allaahu Khair

Mufti Advises the Muslims Concerning Gaza

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Mufti Advises the Muslims Concerning Gaza

Shaykh Abdul-Azeez Aal ash-Shaykh

Reference: Khutbah delivered by the Shaykh on Friday 9 January, 2008
Category: Scholars Advice

Second part of the Khutbah

…after the opening of the Khutbah:

O Muslim; from the wisdom of Allaah in the life of this world, is the struggle between truth and falsehood, and the overpowering of the people of disbelief and misguidance over the people of faith and piety. It is a perfect wisdom, and Allaah has wisdom over what he decrees and brings to pass.

However, the true believer believes in Devine Decree, he believes in the good of it and the bad of it, the sweet of it and the sour of it. He has firm faith due to his knowledge that Allaah is all Wise in what He Decrees, no matter how great the calamity and severe the catastrophe. The believer thinks well of his Lord, and knows that whatever Allaah decrees due to His wisdom, then the consequences thereof, their knowledge is with Allaah.

You may hate something and Allaah decrees a lot of good in it, how much do people hate calamities and how much good happens due to them in the future. Allaah the Elevated knows and you know not:

{…and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allâh knows but you do not know.}

There is no doubt that what our brothers in Gaza are going through is a tremendous trial, hearts are strained in pain and sorrow when witnessing such extreme images, which indicate immense spite and a wide-spreading evil. But Allaah is all Wise over them, and Allaah is more merciful to His servants than a mother is to her child.

So it is upon the Muslims to be steadfast and patient, and hold fast to this religion, to be patient in the face of calamities and not break down. They must be fully attached to and have trust in Allaah, seeking victory from the Lord of the worlds.

It is upon the Muslims to rush, all of them, in provide aid to the wounded, and the great good that this country has given in aid, there is no doubt that this is evidence that there is mercy and compassion in the hearts of the rulers for the Muslims, may Allaah grant them success in practicing what Allaah loves and is pleased with.

However, these efforts must be multiplied, and we must supplicate to Allaah during the last part of the nights and during the day, that Allaah alleviates the calamities from them, and to turn His wrath upon the humiliated enemy, which is not prevented from a criminal people.

We ask Allaah to rectify the affairs of the Muslims, and to unify their hearts upon goodness and piety. Know that what is important, is that we think good of our Lord, and we do not say `why is this happening?` This is Devine Decree, and Allaah is the all Wise over them, a servant does not know of the consequences of events.

Allaah the Elevated said to His Messenger during the battle of Uhud, when he and his companions were afflicted with calamities, such as the death of his companions and other issues, Allaah revealed:

{When a single disaster smites you, although you smote (your enemies) with one twice as great, you say: “From where does this come to us?” Say (to them), “It is from yourselves.” And Allaah has power over all things.}

And Allaah says:

{And don`t be weak in the pursuit of the enemy; if you are suffering (hardships) then surely they (too) are suffering (hardships) as you are suffering, but you have a hope from Allaah (for the reward, i.e. Paradise) that for which they hope not; and Allaah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise.}

So it is upon the Muslims to be steadfast and patient:

{O you who believe! When you meet (an enemy) force, take a firm stand against them and remember the Name of Allaah much (both with tongue and mind), so that you may be successful. And obey Allaah and His Messenger, and do not dispute (with one another) lest you lose courage and your strength departs, and be patient. Surely, Allaah is with the patient. And be not like those who come out of their homes boastfully and to be seen of men, and hinder (men) from the path of Allaah; and Allaah is encircling and thoroughly comprehending all that they do.}

And know, may Allaah have mercy over you, that the best of speech is the Book of Allaah, and the best of guidance, is the guidance of Muhammad – صلى الله عليه وسلم – and the worst of affairs are the innovated matters…conclusion of Khutbah with Du`aa.

Translator: Nadir Ahmad, Abu Abdul-Waahid

Islamic Relief USA Needs Your Help

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Palestine Humanitarian Crisis



Current Situation

On the morning of December 27, 2008, massive air raids were launched in the Gaza Strip that still continues to take place.

“We are short of rooms and supplies, we are up to our necks,” said a surgeon at Gaza’s main Al-Shifa Hospital. Added the doctor, “The buildings are falling on the heads of the patients.”
“The situation is absolutely disastrous.” – United Nations official (CNN)
• The death toll of the attacks has risen to 410, with over 2,100 injured.
• These numbers are expected to rise with the continuation of the strike and the inability of the Gaza medical capacity to cope with the overload of causalities.
• According to the BBC, this attack is considered to be the bloodiest day in Gaza in over 40 years.
In addition to the urgent medical needs for the victims, the short supply of food is another worry for those trying to survive.
• Islamic Relief’s aid worker on the ground, Hatem Shurrab, who is writing about the situation for BBC News, has said, “I’ve met families who are resorting to boiling weeds that they’ve dug out from the ground in order to feed their families.”

• “What makes the food situation even worse is that Gazans were already facing difficulties with food over the last year – now they are on the brink,” said Shurrab.
International aid organizations have claimed the current humanitarian conditions in Gaza to be the worst in three decades (CNN).
• 50% of the hospitals’ ambulances are depreciated due to lack of spare parts and the amount of fuel available.
• All services have been affected and one and a quarter million people receive piped drinking water less than once a day as a consequence.
• The humanitarian situation is deteriorating by the day. There is a severe shortage of cooking gas. Families are relying on gasoline burners or small generators, the prices of which have increased six-folds in the market.
• The majority of families rely on candles for lighting due to power blackouts. For the fifth consecutive week, there is no fuel for standby generators or transportation.
• Water and sewage services continue to be severely constrained by shortages of fuel, chemicals for sterilization and spare parts.
“The children are terrified. Adults are unable to provide them with security or warmth. Hospitals are stretched out of the limits. We need blood and medicine and surgical equipment.” -Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj, Head of Gaza’s Mental Health Program

Your support has helped save lives. The people of Gaza are still in desperate need, please continue your help.

Al-Islam 2009 Event in Paterson, NJ

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Masjid Ansar as-Sunnah


Al-Islam 2009
Where we’ve been…Where we’re going.

Building Fundraiser

Taalib Abdullah
Shadeed Muhammad
Abu ‘Iesa Hamzah Abdus Salaam
Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee

Telelinks with the Major Scholars
Speakers to be confirmed


February21, 2009
10:30am to 7:30pm

YWCA of Paterson
185 Carrol Street
Paterson, NJ 07501

$10 Suggested Donation at the Door

Vending Opportunities!
For more information contact Ahmed Scott at or (973)876-3616

Lunch and Dinner will be sold

Parking available onsite

Heated Amusement Tent for the children

For more information contact Masjid Ansar as-Sunnah at

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh (hafidahullah)

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Don’t Abuse The Concept of Jihad

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh


“Don’t Abuse the Concept of Jihaad

RIYADH, 22 August 2003 — Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority urged Muslims yesterday to shun extremism and avoid waging unjustified jihaad as the Kingdom cracks down on militants.

In a lengthy statement, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh told Saudis to listen to their religious authorities and ignore fanatical interpretations of Islaam.

“One of the fallouts from extremism in understanding Islaam is that some people call for jihaad for the sake of God without justification,” Sheikh Abdul Aziz said.

“These people raise the banner of jihaad to draw the young into their ranks and not to fight for God,” he added.

Militants like Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden have often called for jihaad against countries they consider “infidel” such as the United States, urging his followers to target Western interests in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Other militants have also used Islaam as a rallying cry, justifying attacks by saying they are doing God’s will.

“Young Muslims must try and better themselves and their country but not through violence, because Islaam is not a violent religion, it is a merciful religion,” he said.

“A Muslim must understand his religion. It is the duty of the young and the whole Muslim world to know that violence is not a way to achieve reform,” Al-Sheikh said.

The grand mufti emphasized that the struggle against a perceived evil should not lead to a greater evil.

“The Prophet (peace be upon him) told us to combat evil. But there is a general rule to look at both advantages and disadvantages. And if fighting an evil leads to a greater one, then that fight is forbidden,” he said.

The grand mufti said one of the reasons some people attacked and frightened others was ignorance.

“Ignorance is a killer disease because a person thinks that he is right when he is wrong,” he said and stressed the importance of right guidance. “One of the reasons also is mistrust of our scholars. It is people’s duty to trust their scholars and leaders,” he said.

Last week, the Kingdom’s highest Islaamic authority denounced terror attacks in the Kingdom, describing them as “serious criminal acts,” and pledged its full support for the government.

“Acts of sabotage such as bombings, murder and destruction of property are serious criminal acts and an aggression against innocent people… which warrant severe and deterrent punishment,” the Council of Senior Islaamic Scholars said in a statement.

The 17-member council, headed by the grand mufti, declared its support for the actions being taken by the state to track down terrorists in an effort to shield the country from their actions.

The Islaamic body had called on the Saudi people to “stand behind the country’s leadership and their scholars,” at these difficult times in the fight against “evildoers.”

The statement dubbed “misguided and ignorant” those who claim that terrorism was part of jihaad, or holy war. It said people who provide shelter to suspected militants were committing a “grave sin.”

Arab News

Sh. Uubayd bin abdillah al-Jaabiree (hafidahullah)

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Sh. Uubayd answers a loaded question: What do you say about those Salafees who stick to specific shaykhs and call other shaykhs Qutbees and Ikhwaanees?