Some Advice Concerning Zionit Oppression in Palestine

Some Advice Concerning Zionist Oppression in Palestine
By Shaikh Saalih bin Fawzaan al-Fawzaan
Translated Paltalk session by Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafiq

The Obligation to Assist with Wealth and Supplication

Earlier this evening Shaykh Saalih ibn Fawzaan al-Fawzaan, via
his open question-and-answer session on PalTalk, was asked about the
position of a Muslim concerning what is happening now to our
brothers and sisters in Palestine with respect to supplication,
giving wealth or making jihad with them.

So he replied:

It is obligatory upon the Muslims to make supplication for their
Muslim brothers and to assist them with wealth. To assist them with
wealth and supplication, this is what is obligatory, and this is
what will benefit them.

The shaykh was then asked, “May Allaah be benevolent to you. And
this questioner says: What is the ruling pertaining to
demonstrations, and are they considered to be from jihad in the path
of Allaah?”

So the shaykh replied:

There is no benefit in demonstrations. Rather they are confusion.
They are from confusion, disorder. And what harm will be done to the
enemy if the people demonstrate on a street amongst the streets and
raise their tongues?! Rather, this is from the matters on account of
which the enemy actually rejoices, and so he says that he has harmed
them and cause damage to them. So the enemy rejoices with this.

Islam is a religion of sanctity, and a religion of tranquillity, a
religion based upon knowledge. It is not a religion of confusion and
noise. It is a religion that aims to bring about tranquillity and
sanctity, alongside the working of beneficial and praiseworthy
deeds, such as aiding the Muslims and supplicating for them, and
providing them with wealth and weapons. This is praiseworthy,
and also arguing for their case with the nations, so that the
oppression can be raised from them.

And that the nations are asked, those who claim democracy for
themselves, they should be asked to give those Muslims their right,
and the right of a human is what they themselves boast about!
However, in their view the human is the disbeliever, and as for the
Muslim in their view, he is not a human but a terrorist. They call
the Muslims “terrorists”. And the disbeliever is the one who has
rights, in their view!

So it us upon the Muslims to traverse upon the manhaj of Islam in
the likes of these affairs and other than them. Islam did not come
with demonstrations and clangour, and raising of the voices, or
destruction of the state properties, or transgression. All of this
is not from Islam, it does not benefit, rather this harms the
Muslims and does not harm the enemy. This harms the Muslims and does
not harm their enemies. Rather their enemies rejoice with this, and
he says, “I have affected them, I have made them angry, and I have
affected them.”


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